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Your contribution


Every single person is important and can help to make the world a little better. So are you. Persil is constantly working to make its footprint more positive, but your support can help too! It takes only minor adjustments on our everyday lifestyle to make our contribution to a cleaner world.

  • How to dose correctly

    How to dose detergent

  • How to save water and energy

    How to save water and energy

  • How to upcycle our products

    How to upcycle our products

Making our world cleaner

  • Natural ingredients

    Persil is constantly working on sustainable solutions. Discover its innovation – Persil Green Power – 100% cleaning performance, green like never before.

  • Sensitive skin

    People with sensitive skin should take extra care of their laundry, expecially for those items that come in regular contact with the skin. Persil has developed ad hoc products to ensure its brilliant clean results also to the more sensitive consumers.

  • Hygienically clean laundry

    Hygienic cleanliness

    A clean laundry contributes to an healthy environment for you and your family. Persil products, with their Deep Clean technology, ensure you the hygienically clean laundry you are looking for.