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For a cleaner world

For a cleaner world

For generations, our passion is to bring top performing innovations for your laundry. Learning from our experience, we are committed to improve our contribution to make a cleaner world, little by little everyday, by bringing you perfect cleaning results that are safe for you, your family and the environment.

  • Our effective formulas, constantly improved for better performance at low temperatures, support you in saving energy and us all in reducing overall carbon footprint
  • Our performing ingredients are studied to increase their degradability and respect to nature. Like this, our enzymes are naturally-based, our surfactants biodegradable and our formulas free from microplastics
  • Our packs are designed for easy disposal and are 100% recyclable. We also aim to increase the usage of bio-plastic and recycled plastic in the upcoming years

Persil: Responsible innovations for your and the environment. For a cleaner world, step by step.

Making our world cleaner

  • Our certificates

    Henkel contributes to a sustainable footprint taking active part in the A.I.S.E. discussion, working towards a continous advancement of the industry together with the other participating soap and detergent manufacturers.

  • Microplastic

    Persil is relentlessly working to ensure that all its products do not cause any microplastic to enter the environment. Discover more about the important achievements reached so far and our future commitments.

  • Hygienically clean laundry

    Hygienic cleanliness

    A clean laundry contributes to an healthy environment for you and your family. Persil products, with their Deep Clean technology, ensure you the hygienically clean laundry you are looking for.