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About Persil

Society is changing, needs are changing and with them the demands on the performance of a product. Innovation and continuity are therefore the focus of the Persil brand strategy. New products have to complement the range in a meaningful way, proven products are maintained and carefully adapted to new requirements to make washing easier and thus create a better quality of life.
Persil has always been ahead of its time. Developed in 1907, it was the first self-acting detergent. For the first time, a special formula released oxygen during the washing process, making the strenuous rubbing of the laundry unnecessary.

Since success also requires consistently high quality, the products have not only been developed further over the years, but popular and proven products have also been carefully maintained. Always with the aim of making washing easier and thus helping customers to enjoy a better quality of life.
Persil is a leading laundry detergent product, produced by Henkel. it's your partner that provides you with  innovative laundry solutions to get the perfect washing results without any stains in an easy way to ensure a more balanced life.

Persil uses the latest German technology & has the Deep Clean Technology which is new level of cleanliness to the laundry. It removes the most stubborn stains, by penetrating deep into the fibers, lifting even the smallest stain molecules. Available in Liquids & Powders.