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How to save water and energy

Little things can often make a big difference! Nearly 80% of the energy used and the CO2 footprint of laundry detergents are caused by the use phase, i.e. the actual washing process at home. This is mainly due to the energy needed to heat up the water in the washing machine.

Small adjustments in chosing the washing program and in loading your machine can make a great help in supporting Persil commitment to a cleaner world.

Wash at cold temperatures

Over the years we have constantly improved our Persil formula to ensure top washing performance already at low temperatures.

With our Cold Wash formula, you can wash your clothes at a lower temperature and experience freshly cleaned clothes while saving energy and thereby CO2.

Prefer full load cycles

Loading the washing machine as fully as possible not only helps to save energy but also water.

By scheduling your laundry routine, sorting and collecting similarly stained garments you can minimize the use of half laoded washing cycles, thus saving detergent as well as energy.

Discover your personal footprint

Take a few minutes to learn about how your personal choices influence your carbon footprint, by consulting the calculator specifically developed by Henkel and the Wuppertal Institute (Germany). By using this calculator, you can quickly discover your personal footprint and make a contribution to scientific research into sustainable lifestyles. All the data you will provide will be kept anonymous.

Making our world cleaner

  • Our certificates

    Henkel contributes to a sustainable footprint taking active part in the A.I.S.E. discussion, working towards a continous advancement of the industry together with the other participating soap and detergent manufacturers.

  • Microplastic

    Persil is relentlessly working to ensure that all its products do not cause any microplastic to enter the environment. Discover more about the important achievements reached so far and our future commitments.

  • Hygienically clean laundry

    Hygienic cleanliness

    A clean laundry contributes to an healthy environment for you and your family. Persil products, with their Deep Clean technology, ensure you the hygienically clean laundry you are looking for.