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How to dose correctly

Water hardness, detergent dosage and washing machine – what is important? To dose the right amount of detergents you should consider a few aspects: how hard is the water used in the washing cycle, how much laundry you are washing and how dirt it is.

The following tips should help you dosing your detergent correctly to the benefit of the environment.

Consider our recommendations

On each Persil product you will find dosing recommendation, differentiated between light, medium and strong dirt level. Sorting the laundry according to the soil level is therefore an important step to correcly dose your detergent.

The dirtier the laundry is, the more detergend you should use. Keep in mind that different product amounts are necessary depending on whether you use Gel, Powder or Megapeals, so always remember to check each specific product packaging to adjust your dosing accordingly.

Know your local water hardness

The water hardness differs from region to region. In order to correctly dose your detergent, you should ask your local water supply company for the correct degree of your water hardness. You can then easily adjust your detergent dosage according to the respective water hardness by following the table instructions on each Persil product label.

Check the size of your machine

The dosing amounts on our packaging are based on a typical load on a 4,5 to 5 kg machine. If you have a machine with a larger drum you will also find specific dosing amounts for big machines on every Persil product.

The bigger machines can carry up to 9 kg of laundry, but if you fill only half of the drum you will also find the correpsonding dosing recommendation on our packaging.

Get a free dosing aid

For measuring the right amount of detergent, a dosing aid with a respective scale is beneficial. Please ask for a free-of-charge and reusable Persil dispenser in order to dose your detergent as simple as possible, by calling the free-of charge number (088) 111 2290.

Calculate your dosage

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Making our world cleaner

  • Our certificates

    Henkel contributes to a sustainable footprint taking active part in the A.I.S.E. discussion, working towards a continous advancement of the industry together with the other participating soap and detergent manufacturers.

  • Microplastic

    Persil is relentlessly working to ensure that all its products do not cause any microplastic to enter the environment. Discover more about the important achievements reached so far and our future commitments.

  • Hygienically clean laundry

    Hygienic cleanliness

    A clean laundry contributes to an healthy environment for you and your family. Persil products, with their Deep Clean technology, ensure you the hygienically clean laundry you are looking for.