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What are they?

Preservatives are ingredients required to prevent product damage caused by the growth of micro-organisms and to protect the product from accidental contamination during usage.


More on Persil preservatives

Due to their antimicrobial activity, they have a potential to elicit skin sensitization.

Persil always use preservatives at concentrations levels below any sensitization potential.

Why and how do we use them?

We use preservatives to protect the quality of Persil products as well as our consumers, inhibiting the growth of microbes such as bacteria or fungi in laundry product formulations. 

We try to avoid preservatives wherever possible, where preservation can be achieved by other formula ingredients.

When there is no other option, we add them to the amount needed to ensure product  preservation, minimizing the risk of sensitization.

Where do they come from?

Preservatives are synthetic substances, which are strictly regulated and need to follow a long and intensive review process. Any preservative we use needs to be listed as approved material.

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