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What are they?

Surfactants are the main ingredients of most detergents and cleaners. They lift stains and dirt from the garments and emulsify them, so they can be easily and effectively removed.


More on Persil surfactants

Within Persil two families of surfactants are used:

Anionic surfactants

Effective at oily soil cleaning and oil/clay soil suspension

Nonionic surfactants

Excellent in removing thoughest grease

Why and how do we use them?

For radiant and sustainable purity: Persil uses surfactants to grant the deep clean results you expect from the detergent you trust. All our surfactants are fully biodegradable ensuring a clean laundry and a clean world.

Where do they come from?

Surfactants can be petrochemically sourced or be of natural origin (e.g. from palm oil). Within our commitment to a cleaner world, we are relentless working to ensure all our palm-based surfactants as mass-balanced by end of 2020. In this way, we can better balance our ingredient sources to improve our impact on the planet, while ensuring the same quality and performance.

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