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Upcycle your Persil Discs box into a knitting basket

Upcycle your Persil Discs box into a knitting basket

What you need

  • 1 empty Persil Disc box
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Painting color set
  • Decoration set (bottons, ribbons, patches…)

Step 1

Remove the paper sleeve from your Persil Discs box and the label from the cap. To better remove glue and label residues, clean the design with warm water. Choose a brilliant color and paint your box and cap, carefully covering possible the left-over of glue and labels.

Step 2

Set the cap aside, letting the paint to dry. Make sure the color on the box is dry, before unleashing your imagination to decorate it. You can paint geomethrical or flowery decorations, glue colorul bottoms or cut parallel holes all around the box to knit ribbon.

Step 3

Fill in the box with all the necessary for knitting… and relax dedicating yourself to your hobby! Tip: Once you are done, you can close the box with Persil cap if you want to store your set in order.

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