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Your guide to different types of laundry detergent

Your guide to different types of laundry detergent

Every family member is different, each with their own taste and personality, so it should come as no surprise that everyone is also particular when it comes to doing laundry. Choosing the right Persil® DeepClean laundry detergent for you and your family is important because their health and well-being are undoubtedly of the highest importance. To ensure you’re aware of everything in the DeepClean range, we’ll provide a few tips on how to choose laundry detergent correctly for your household.

Which laundry detergent is best for everyday loads?

DeepClean® Original scent is a classic – it’s a great everyday detergent with an amazing stain-fighting ability. Packed with Deep Clean technology, Original scent is likely to be your first choice as a liquid laundry detergent because it’s tough on stains, odors, and is suitable for many different kinds of fabrics.

What’s more, it's also available in the powerful and freshly scented form of Lavender in many different weights and sizes for your convenience, which come with pre-measured detergent that you can simply dose into your washing machine without using the built in measurement cap. Like all our detergents, Lavender can be used in all water temperatures and all types of washing machines, such as top-loading, front-loading, and high-efficiency washers.

Which laundry detergent works best on stains?

There often comes a time while doing laundry when you’ll need to call in reinforcements for some extra stain-fighting power! Persil® DeepClean® is our best product if you want to get to the heart of stubborn stains, as it’s formulated with Deep Clean formula and is tough on heavily soiled items, kitchen towels, and almost every sort of stain that manage to end up on your kids’ clothing!

Types of laundry detergent for protection against viruses & bacteria  

Since the health and wellbeing of your family, especially younger ones is important for us as much as it is important for you, then you’ll want a detergent that kills 99% of bacteria and Viruses, Persil Hygiene®  caters to all your health needs and is tested to ensure that you can wash laundry without concern.

Laundry detergent that’s tough on strong odors

Whether it was a particularly hot day or an intense training session at the gym, some clothing items arrive in the laundry basket with odors that are much stronger than usual! When those moments happen, it’s best to switch to something like the Persil® Lavender, Rose, Premium DeepClean range , which really goes deep down into the fabric to deliver an outstanding finish that leaves your laundry smelling fresher and looking cleaner.

Laundry detergent for an extra intense stain removal

Every now and then, your laundry will require that little boost of stain removal that is hard to find elsewhere. There are many different types of laundry detergent out there, but Persil Premium removes the toughest of stains with an extra deep clean and vibrant, fresh scent.