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The right dosage

The right dosage

How to select the right dosage

You will find instructions on the exact dosage to be used on each pack of Persil.

You can find additional, helpful tips on this web page: The right amount of detergent depends on the regional water hardness and the degree of soiling of your textiles and can be easily seen in the dosage table on the product packaging.

Ask your water supply company to inform you about the water hardness in your area. You can find the relevant contact information on the water bill or on the Internet.

If your machine has a capacity for wash loads over 11 lbs, you can find special instructions on additional dosage amounts for maxi machines on our product packaging.

A dosing cup will help you to measure the necessary amount of detergent. Simply ask for your free Persil dosing cup or free dosing ball. In the event of queries you can contact our experts on the toll-free number 08002100100.

Gel Dosage:

  • 100 ml for normal clothes (1 +1/4 cup)
  • 150 ml for very dirty clothes (2 cups)

Powder Dosage:

Use a dosing cup 230 ml

  • For normally stained clothes:

1 cup +1/4 (for washing machines less than 6kg)

1cup+3/4(for washing machines more than 6kg)

  • For heavily stained clothes:

1 cup+3/4 for heavily stained clothes (for washing machine less than 6kg)

2 cups+3/4 for heavily stained clothes (for washing machine more than 6kg)