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Upcycle your Persil Gel bottle into a watering can

Upcycle your Persil Gel bottle into a watering can

What you need

  • 1 empty Persil Gel bottle
  • Scissors
  • Water resistant painting color set

Step 1

Clean the bottle of the remaining product left over and remove the labels. Then, paint your bottle in a brilliant color, carefully covering also the left-over of the labels.

Step 2

Once the base is ready, unleash your imagination and paint over the bottle with flowers, hearths and cheerful cartoons.

Step 3

Cut holes in cyrcle aroung the cap to allow the water to spill out.

Step 4

Fill in the bottle with water and close it with the cap. Your water can is now ready for use!

Making our world cleaner

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    Henkel contributes to a sustainable footprint taking active part in the A.I.S.E. discussion, working towards a continous advancement of the industry together with the other participating soap and detergent manufacturers.

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    Persil is relentlessly working to ensure that all its products do not cause any microplastic to enter the environment. Discover more about the important achievements reached so far and our future commitments.

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    Hygienic cleanliness

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