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Hygienically clean laundry

Doing something good for your family starts with proper hygiene. Place your trust in Persil Deep Clean Technology for hygienically clean laundry.

Folded fresh shirts, next to it a "hygienically clean laundry" seal.

For the removal of aged or stubborn stains, powdered universal detergents are particularly suitable because of the bleach they contain. This also applies to the washing of white textiles. Color variants were developed specifically for washing coloured textiles and items of clothing and therefore contain neither bleach nor optical brighteners, for example, so that the colours are particularly gentle. Persil Sensitive Gel is also suitable for colored laundry, for example.

We recommend the use of Persil Universal Powder or Persil Universal Megaperls for hygienically clean laundry. To prevent and improve cleanliness in the washing machine, it is also helpful to wash at regular intervals, in a normal household about once a week, at higher temperatures (e.g. 60 degrees) with a Persil powdered universal detergent.

Tips for washing homemade face masks

  • Make sure that the mask does not come into contact with your eyes, nose or mouth when removing it.
  • Wash the mask after each use with our Persil Universal Megaperls at a minimum of 60 degrees to clean the masks.
  • When you get home, it is best to put the mask directly in the washing machine. Alternatively, place it in a plastic bag and close it until you are ready to wash the mask.
  • Make sure that your washing program reaches the specified temperature for a sufficiently long time.
  • It is also important that you always wash your hands after contact with dirty laundry.
  • Allow the mask to air dry and iron it.
  • Store your washed masks in a clean plastic bag until the next time you wear them.

General tips for washing:

  • For demanding laundry, do without the short programme or fast cycle and choose the washing programme with the longest running time.
  • If necessary, choose the highest possible detergent dosage. In principle, it is environmentally friendly to dose detergent sparingly. However, this does not apply to demanding laundry.