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Hygienically clean laundry

Hygiene is much more than just brilliant cleanliness: Doing something good for your family starts with the right hygiene. Trust Persil Deep Clean technology for hygienically clean laundry.


Our promise to you

Keeping your laundry hygienically clean is important for the wellbeing of your family and beloved ones. Thanks to their Deep Clean technology all Persil products ensure you stainless results and the hygienic cleanliness you are looking for.


When extra hygiene is needed

Wash at higher temperatures

Hygiene becomes even more important when people with a flu are around or to protect elderly people. Under these circumstances, it is recommendable to always wash your clothes at or above 60° C (140°F). Before every wash, always check the instructions on the garment care label. Some laundry items made of cotton or other non-sensitive materials, such as bed linen or towels, can be washed even at 90° (194 F°), without damaging their fibers. Other materials may, however, require extra care.

Consider which materials your clothes are made of and sort them by color with additional care, especially when you choose to wash at higher temperature. Like so, you can be sure your laundry is not only deeply cleaned, but also cared for properly.

Choose powders

When looking for the best hygienically clean results prefer a bleach-activated solid detergent (e.g. Persil Universal Megaperls®). However, please be careful about the composition of your laundry as bleach-based detergent are not suitable for colored and dark materials.

Prefer longer washing programs

Good things take time: If someone in your households have recently been sick, you should use longer washing programs that can rinse and spin dry your laundry several times, ensuring the deep removal of harmful particles from your laundry. After washing, always try to immediately hang the laundry on the clothesline or rack to dry to prevent new germs from forming in the drum due to high humidity caused by the laundry being damp.

If the weather conditions allow so, try to prefer a natural drying of your laundry versus the dryer. Sun is indeed a strong and pure sanitizer.

Hygiene in times of the corona virus

Please note: None of our current products are effective against Coronavirus. The current specific coronavirus (SARSCoV- 2) is not available for commercial testing yet. We therefore recommend applying additional hygiene measurements at home, to contribute to an healthy staying environment.

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